Camouflaging the Jackal fleet from the enemy

We chose to work with DDC because they are family run business and have authentic and ethical values, which match our own at Supacat.  As their strength is built upon these family values it is easy to build a mutual trust between both parties which gives confidence in developing our relationship as we move forward.

Devon Disability Collective (DDC) is a non-profit-distributing Social Enterprise that provides quality employment and training for people and committed towards enhancing independence and opportunity for those with disabilities by providing employment for people, supporting personal development, assistance into the workplace, supporting independence and promoting wider lifestyle choices, with the ultimate aim of reducing the unfair disadvantages that people with disabilities face in the workplace.

Their “Collective” structure enables businesses to collaborate with DDC to recognise the benefits of disability inclusion in their supply chain and demonstrate genuine commitment to their Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Their experience in making heavy duty covers for large scale industrial machinery, such as gas turbines, and their ability to create bespoke solutions, where off the shelf products were unavailable, demonstrated that DDC had the capabilities to produce a Military cover for the HMT 400. 

The materials are military grade and specification, including technical fabrics such as Cordura, high tensile nylon, webbing, and using high performance thread ensuring resilience in testing environments.

These covers are built to shield the Jackal and military personnel from the enemy.

For more information email: [email protected]

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Supacat Special Operations Vehicles Accepted in New Zealand

Supacat has announced that the fleet of Special Operations Vehicles – Mobility Heavy (SOV-MH) has been accepted by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence. The fleet goes into service with the New Zealand Defence Force early this year.

The new SOV-MH vehicles are based on the latest MkII version of Supacat’s HMT Extenda and provide a high level of commonality with the equivalent vehicles with other Special Forces. New Zealand is a new customer for Supacat and the latest defence force to join the HMT family.

Designed for, and used by, the world’s elite Special Forces, the HMT Extenda is unique in being convertible to either a 4×4 or 6×6 configuration to meet different operational requirements. Its open architecture provides for various levels of protection and great variety in the roles and missions for which it can be configured.

Michael Halloran, Managing Director Asia Pacific said, “We are very pleased to have achieved our first product export from the Australian office. It is a great credit to the Supacat Team Australia members that we have delivered this fleet on time and to budget.”

The SOV-MH vehicles were manufactured at Supacat’s existing assembly facilities in Australia using Supacat Team Australia members to manufacture and assemble the vehicle. This represents the first time that Supacat Team Australia members have exported completed vehicles and complements the opportunities already emerging for Australian suppliers to enter Supacat’s global supply chains.



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