Jackal gets closer to realising its Hybrid potential

Article featured in Jane’s written by Chris Foss explores the Jackal’s moves towards Hybridisation.

Why move to Hybridisation?

Supacat’s goal is to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions through the hybridisation of the Jackal.  By reducing carbon emissions we are not only protecting our planet for the future but we are protecting our Soldiers due to a significant reduction in noise pollution.

To find out more, read the article here:

Jane’s 20.1.21 Jackal 1 moves towards hybrid electric drive installation (C Foss)

Live virtual vehicle demonstration

The Supacat team delivered a series of virtual shows demonstrating our continuous development and investment within the Supacat vehicle fleet. All our vehicles are meeting the environmental and technological demands of the defence sector for now and the future.

In the last twelve-months the absence of military exhibitions and events, continues to be felt globally and has significantly impacted many SME’s and OEM’s.

Each show provided a virtual experience demonstration, showcasing our latest technology innovation, and exploring the latest capabilities for Land Forces and Commercial Applications.

Access the demonstrations below:

Light Role Vehicle

High Mobility Transporter

Electric All Terrain Mobile Platform


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