LPP and VOP CZ sign memorandum of understanding for Supacat’s HMT400


Prague, July  27, 2021 – British combat vehicle manufacturer Supacat is deepening its ties with the Czech military industry, building a network of Czech industrial partners to make sure that local economic benefits would follow the company’s selection to provide wheeled combat vehicles for the Czech Armed Forces.

Czech systems integrator LPP, and manufacturer and supplier of modern security and military solutions specialized on tracked and wheeled military land vehicles VOP CZ, have signed a memorandum of understanding which confirms the companies’ support for Supacat’s HMT400 wheeled combat vehicle in an anticipated tender for the renewal of the Czech Republic’s wheeled armoured vehicle capability.

The memorandum of understanding highlights Supacat’s intention to make local industrial involvement a key element of its bid to provide vehicles for the Czech Armed Forces. The company’s HMT400, nicknamed “Jackal” by the British Armed Forces, is a supremely versatile and adaptable contender for the Czech Republic’s new wheeled vehicle fleet. The HMT400 is battle-proven in operations in Afghanistan and comes with a range of customisable options ensuring optimal performance in any environment. The memorandum of understanding was signed on 16 Mar 2021 and primary covers roles of both companies, their business cooperation, consultation and mutual support for the Light Assault Vehicles project. LPP will cover contract activities, will take responsibility for delivery of complete functional system including Quality Management, Integration of electronic systems like communication, BMS, weapons, Support Services, Customer Interface and Ongoing Spares through Integrated Logistic Support. VOP CZ as a main partner on this program will utilize their facilities and knowledge of people in Production of Vehicle in all required versions, will produce parts for assembly accomplished in Novy Jicin premises. As strategic company belonging to MoD will be responsible also for Governmental Furnished Equipment and Repairs Level 3 and 4.

“This memorandum of understanding with VOP CZ is a significant step in enhancing the involvement of the Czech industrial participation in Supacat’s HMT400 project for the Czech Armed Forces,” says General Žižka, Director of Strategic Projects at LPP. “As a systems integrator and data provider for a real time operational overview, our other role presents the involvement, communication and cooperation with other domestic manufacturers. Together with VOP CZ and of course with Supacat, we represent a strong innovative team to implement a transfer of technologies, to produce battle-proven vehicle, as the perfect choice for the Czech Republic’s wheeled vehicle renewal project, including its life cycle maintenance.”

Radovan Putna, Director at VOP CZ, describes excitement about Supacat’s commitment to localised production in the Czech Republic. “Our memorandum of understanding with LPP includes a commitment to cooperate in support of the HMT400, which provides a rare blend of innovation, adaptability and real battlefield experience. Our agreement demonstrates the kinds of our industrial capabilities and benefits – and the attendant economic boost – which Supacat’s presence in the Czech Republic would bring, while reinforcing Czech-British military relations.”

Supacat’s interest in supplying military vehicles for the Czech Armed Forces includes a vision for mutually beneficial industrial and knowledge-sharing partnerships with the Czech military industry, renowned the world over for its innovative capabilities. Earlier this year, the British military vehicle manufacturer deepened its cooperation with LPP through the signing of a Teaming Agreement.

Phil Applegarth, Director of Supacat, says the new Memorandum of Understanding between VOP CZ and LPP brings Supacat’s plan for extensive Czech industrial integration closer to fruition: “These two companies are prime examples of the Czech Republic’s astonishing expertise in the development of military technology. Wherever in the world we deliver our vehicles, we make sure that the involvement of local industrial players brings tangible benefits, not only to soldiers and commanders in the field of conflict, but also to the wider economy. The memorandum of understanding between LPP and VOP CZ is an exciting step forward in establishing a network of Czech partners for the HMT400.”

On 22 July 2021, representatives of both Supacat and LPP, Miroslav Žižka and Phil Applegarth respectively, visited the VOP CZ facility in Nový Jičín. The facilities were reviewed in order to get acquainted with the possible production and servicing of HMT 400 vehicles.

Based in the southwest of England, Supacat’s products have been praised in glowing terms by the highest echelons of the British Armed Forces, and the company has delivered over 1000 battle-proven vehicles into service around the world.


About Supacat

Supacat is the world’s leading specialist in the design and development of high mobility defence vehicles with over 1000 specialist, battle-proven vehicles delivered into service globally. Building on firm foundations with three decades of engineering design success, the company has grown to be one of the world’s leading companies specialising in the design and development of equipment operating in harsh environments. Supacat’s passionate and committed team has the skills, expertise, dedication and focus to provide the highest value to customers with bespoke quality products and services. Supacat’s range of off-road wheeled and tracked vehicles continues to expand as new requirements for high-mobility cross-country defence vehicles arise. Supacat is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 and delivers all aspects of vehicle design, including engineering, testing, prototype manufacture, certification, low- rate production and fleet support. The company has offices in the UK and Australia.

About LPP

LPP s.r.o. is a technological company which was founded in 1993, to become very soon a local industrial leader in development and manufacturing of the flight instruments. Company has gradually expanded into other production areas, mainly in the land forces domain with the Vehicular Information and Battle Management System, which was successfully integrated as a part of Command and Control system into various combat and support platforms of Czech Armed Forces.

Nowadays the company provides comprehensive solutions to the customers all over the world not only in the Defense and Security Sector, but also in the area of intelligence and civilian rescue systems. LPP’s solutions include an artificial intelligence, big data analysis, information and cyber security systems, as well. Based on its own expertise, knowledge management and long-term engagement, has introduced own C6 ISR system, including a full integration of necessary sub-systems into the various aerial and land platforms.

Besides that, LPP focuses on development and production of own vetronics, control and data terminals, diagnostic units as well as various E/O sensors. In an aerospace sector the company is capable to provide complete avionics suits, including own EFIS and ESIS displays, mission computers, HUMS and other various instruments. LPP team predestines the company to provide its customers with the innovative and top-of-the-art solutions.

About VOP CZ

VOP CZ, s.p. has over twenty years’ experience in protecting people and critical infrastructure, systematically improving its position as integrator and supplier of modern security and military solutions. The Czech Armed Forces and other state security services rely on VOP CZ security systems., while the company is also active in the private sector, both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The company provides solutions for the defence industry’s most demanding requirements by means of precise machine engineering, and the development and manufacture of advanced, reliable and high-performance technologies. VOP CZ is a major partner for the Czech Armed Forces (projects such as MBT T-72 M4 CZ or PANDUR II 8×8 CZ) as well as foreign customers, and also participates in major international defence industry research and development programmes.


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