M15 For the Police

Marell Boats

This partnership offers the latest Marell M15 vessel, which has a top speed of 50 knots and will achieve a reduced fuel consumption at 40 knots. The M15 vessel can maneuver easily at either high or low speed, built to traverse the water seamlessly, making it the ideal vessel for the police and military operations.

The M15 decks are designed for the crew to survey all situations and enables easy interception or boarding onto other vessels, making it a seamless transition from the M15. The versatile aft deck has been designed to enable a helicopter to launch, can carry extra loads or carry watercraft. These boats are built to an extremely high tolerance level to meet the quality demands of our customers.

These Swedish engineered vessels are built to a high quality, for a variety of uses. The Stockholm Sea Police have been operating the M15 since, June 2020, which is testament to the M15s superior operational performance and its unique propulsion system.

For more information speak to one of the Supacat team: [email protected]

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