Operating a complete engineering cycle from concept through to production and thence continuous development and through-life support, Supacat is a one-stop-shop for product innovation and excellence in engineering.

Supacat’s product range is now solidly established. Our HMT vehicle is firmly regarded as the platform of choice for special forces worldwide. Our HMT range of vehicles have proven themselves on the most demanding recent operations including Afghanistan. Concurrently, we continue to develop and innovate which has led to our new protected vehicle, the SPV400 and our most recent high performance addition, the LRV400.

The Supacat HMT400

HMT 400

Named the ‘Jackal’ by our UK customer, the HMT400 series is a supremely versatile platform with unparalleled cross-country performance.
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The Supacat HMT600

HMT 600

Named the ‘Coyote’ by our UK customer, the HMT 600 series pushes the mobility levels of support type platforms to another level.
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The Supacat HMT Extenda

HMT Extenda

Developed for use by Special Forces the Extenda provides a unique ‘convertible’ platform.
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The Supacat ATMP


Now in its third generation, the 6x6 All-Terrain Mobile Platform (ATMP) is a prime example of mechanical engineering simplicity being applied to maximise capability.
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The Supacat SPV400

SPV 400

The Supacat Protected Vehicle 400 (SPV 400) is a further evolution of our long pedigree in developing relevant and effective military vehicles that counter emerging battlefield challenges.
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Supacat LRV 400

LRV 400

The Light Reconnaissance Vehicle 400 (LRV 400) has become the latest addition to the Supacat range of high performance off-road military vehicles providing tactical CH-47 internal capability.
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