HMT Light Weight Recovery


HMT LWR is equipped with a specially designed Miller Industries, Boniface Century 2465 crane hamper and a Rotzler TR80 main winch as standard. At the touch of a button the operator can switch the  recovery system from normal mode, with a maximum recovered vehicle axle mass of 3.8 tonnes, to an enhanced mode, capable of lifting up to 6.1 tonnes.  As with all HMT platforms, the modular hamper design can be reconfigured to suit a customer’s specific requirements with regards to capability, layout and stowage. The vehicle is capable of wading through up to 1.5m of salt water, with an additional 0.5m of wave splash. This enables the vehicle to be deployed from landing craft.



HMT LWR Data Sheet

Download the HMT LWR Data Sheet as a PDF(5.81Mb)

To view the PDF document you will need a PDF viewer. get Adobe Reader


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