Supacat shows All-British, All-New SPV400



Supacat is showing its all-new, all-British SPV400 contender for the UK Ministry of Defence’s competition for the Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV) Programme at DVD, Millbrook.  Last week it submitted its formal bid for the Urgent Operational Requirement for an initial batch of 200 vehicles for service entry in late 2011.  The SPV400 is on display on Supacat’s stand OR9.

Recent blast test results have underwritten Supacat’s philosophy of future proofing the SPV400 design by aiming for protection levels above the LPPV requirement to provide unprecedented levels of protection and mobility for a vehicle in its 7.5 ton class.  The SPV400 combines an integrated blast and ballistic protection system, including a protected all composite crew pod and V-shaped hull.  Its exceptional all terrain, high mobility performance is comparable to the Supacat-designed Jackal, and it has the agility to manoeuvre in tight urban environments.

UK companies, Supacat and NP Aerospace, are respectively world leaders in high mobility, all terrain vehicles and in composite armour protection systems.  NP Aerospace designed the SPV400’s composite crew pod and protection system with access to the UK’s classified armour technology.  The materials used offer protection from a range of threats and at much lower weight than a traditional steel design.

Devon based Supacat and NP Aerospace have formed an Alliance Agreement under which volume production will be conducted through the Alliance at NP Aerospace’s Coventry facility.   Supacat and NP Aerospace have proven track records in supplying and supporting vehicles in service with British Forces in Afghanistan, with Supacat responsible for Jackal and Coyote and NP Aerospace for Mastiff and Ridgback.

“With NP Aerospace, Supacat has purpose designed the SPV400 with crew survivability built in from the outset to provide troops with the protection and mobility they need against the threat from Improvised Explosive Devices”, said Nick Ames, Managing Director, Supacat.

A modular and future-proofed design allows the SPV400 to be upgraded to meet evolving threats and requirements.  The V shaped hull protects the crew in an under-belly mine strike scenario, while the modular approach enables the SPV400 to be repaired in theatre following mine blast incidents by replacing the damaged module(s).   

The selection of the all-British SPV400 for LPPV would strengthen the UK’s innovation and engineering skills base and support manufacturing jobs, sustaining between 1000 and 1200 jobs throughout the UK.  Over 90% of the SPV400 supply chain is UK based.

All Intellectual Property Rights for the SPV400 are UK based with the automotive solution residing with Supacat and the protection system with NP Aerospace.  The Design Authority is held by Supacat, which guarantees the UK retains full control over future design upgrades and the SPV400 is free from US ITAR restrictions.  This also ensures potential export revenues will be retained in the UK.



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