Supacat introduces Mixed Reality at DSEI


Supacat, the renowned defence vehicle manufacturer, is excited to announce its collaboration at DSEI, with Kognitiv Spark, a leading technology company specialising in secure and reliable applications of Mixed Reality for remote operators. Together, we are bringing RemoteSpark™ to DSEI 2023, the world’s leading defence and security event.

At the event, we will be hosting several demonstration sessions of RemoteSpark to showcase its innovative features. This cutting-edge technology empowers soldiers with the ability to remotely access 2D and 3D holographic assets, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency and independence. With RemoteSpark, soldiers can visualise complex information in real-time and make informed decisions while operating in remote locations. The technology enables seamless communication over a low bandwidth setting between operators and remote experts, ensuring faster and more effective problem resolution.

Yash Katare, Supacat Senior Autonomous Systems Engineer, comments: “We are thrilled to present Kognitiv Spark’s technology at DSEI, which will demonstrate how Mixed Reality (MR) technology can be practically used for remote vehicle support. This innovative technology will showcase the practical application of Mixed Reality, and demonstrate its effectiveness in real-world scenarios. Our demonstration will specifically focus on showcasing the replacement of the master cylinder in the braking system of the HMT platform, providing a comprehensive and detailed overview of the process. We are confident that this demonstration will highlight the immense potential of MR technology in enhancing remote support capabilities.”

Duncan McSporran, British Army Veteran, Co-Founder, COO, and VP of Defence at Kognitiv Spark, states: “It is great to be working with Supacat at DSEI to demonstrate Mixed Reality support at reach using RemoteSpark. There is a significant convergence between our two teams that are working to bring highly innovative capabilities into the defence market. Not only does that vision cover the ability to support soldiers and technicians working on Supacat platforms at the Defence Edge, but profoundly also demonstrates the ability to enhance operational tempo through timely support at the point of need.”

We are proud to bring this innovative technology to DSEI 2023 and demonstrate its potential to revolutionise military efficiencies.

As always, Supacat remain committed to providing world-class solutions that enhance the safety and security of our armed forces.

Kognitiv Spark Headset
Kognitiv Spark Headset – Seeing the world from another perspective.


About us

About Supacat:

Supacat is part of SC Group. We are an innovative engineering and design company providing global, defence focused products and services with offices in the UK and Australia. Proud of our agility and speed, we are able to provide and fully support high performance solutions in exceedingly short timescales. The UK Ministry of Defence’s procurement of Jackal and Coyote demonstrates the substantial regard in which our capabilities and products are held.

Building on our firm foundation and three decades of engineering design success, we have grown to be one of the world’s leading companies specialising in the design and development of equipment operating in harsh environments. We have a passionate and committed team with the skills, expertise, dedication and focus to provide the highest value to our customers with bespoke quality products and services.

In September 2015, having successfully outgrown our original brand, the company was split between Supacat and SC Innovation under the SC Group umbrella. This exciting formation allows us to grow and develop our joint capabilities while bringing innovative solutions to our customers.

Supacat’s range of off-road wheeled and tracked vehicles continues to expand as new requirements for high-mobility cross-country defence vehicles arise. Supacat is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and delivers all the disciplines of vehicle design, including engineering, testing, prototype manufacture, certification, low- rate production and fleet support.


About Kognitiv Spark:

Established in 2016, Kognitiv Spark is a global tech company recognized for its competency in the secure, reliable, and network agnostic applications of Mixed Reality (MR) in industrial environments.

Kognitiv Spark’s mission is to help workforces achieve more, operate with confidence, and solve issues quickly, safely, and accurately, the first time, every time. They support a global footprint of clients and partners operating in defence, aerospace, manufacturing, marine, energy, and multiple other industrial sectors.


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