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Supporting Team Forces and Turn to Starboard

In early July, we sent three members of the Supacat family to Falmouth to spend two days sailing with the Team Forces and the Turn to Starboard Charities.

Turn to Starboard is a charity run formed over ten years ago by retired RAF Squadron Leader Shaun Pascoe. The charity was created because of his dedication and commitment to the Armed Forces community, mainly supporting retired personnel and their families. The charity aims to help veterans and their families integrate into civilian life. They concentrate on resettlement, reintegration, and reinforcing a sense of worth and belonging. They aim to guide individuals to “Make the Right Turn” and steer toward a safer and brighter future, just like turning a ship to the right to avoid danger.

Three colleagues from Supacat joined Team Forces to ride the Cornish waves alongside the crew of Turn to Starboard. Thanks to Team Forces and Turn to Starboard for providing an enriching experience for the Supacat team.

As we are a big part of the Defence family, we felt this was a great way to offer something back to the defence community and our colleagues. Find out what our colleagues had to say about their experience:

Alex Dando said, “This opportunity allowed me to explore a new section of the coastline and discover a fantastic charity making a positive impact. From the excitement of sailing and reaching a speed of 7.5 knots to meeting exciting individuals from various sectors of the defence industry, this experience will stay with me. It rained during the first day, but this did not dampen spirits. The second day brought clear skies and a pleasant journey back to Falmouth. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!”

Richard Lott states, “After some reflection, I have gained a deeper appreciation for sailing and the admirable efforts of Team Forces and Turn to Starboard. My most cherished memory was steering The Spirit of Falmouth Boat while navigating the open waters. I’ll always remember the challenge of hoisting the sails, which required much effort.”

Chris Wheeler expresses his feelings about an enriching experience, “I embarked on a sailing trip with no prior experience or knowledge in the field. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful two days I spent on Turn to Starboards Tallship Spirit of Falmouth, also known as the “pirate ship”. The crew consisted of ex-forces and civilians who were passionate about their work. They were welcoming and encouraging, allowing us to participate in the sailing process and teach new skills.

As a veteran, I fully appreciate the crew’s charity work. They offer free yachting qualifications to veterans, helping them find peace and purpose through sailing careers. The first day was rainy, but it did not dampen our spirits. We sailed along the stunning Cornish coast from Falmouth to Fowey and were lucky enough to witness a couple of schools of dolphins. We ended the day with laughter and good food.

The next day, we sailed back with a favourable wind and decent sunshine while keeping pace with three other boats. It was a delightful experience, and I was sad to leave the ship and return to land. I highly recommend sailing to anyone, regardless of their interest or experience level, as it was an unforgettable two-day adventure.”

Hear from Joss Pascoe, the son of Shaun Pascoe: ‘Spirit of Falmouth’.


Listen to Chris Wheeler and Richard Lott, just before they set sail on the Spirit of Falmouth.




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