Supacat seeks export markets and broader roles for HMT


After delivering 89 special operations vehicles (SOV) to the Australian Army, Supacat is looking to sell its family of High Mobility Transporter (HMT) vehicles into other markets.

Managing director of Supacat, Michael Halloran, told DTR that the focus is now on exports. “We want to go into Asia. We think there are good opportunities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and maybe Thailand.”

In an era where combat vehicle dimensions and weight seem to be on an upward curve, the modest size of the HMT Extenda Mk 2 and a maximum weight of 10.5 tonnes make them well suited to the complex terrain and compromised infrastructure common throughout much of the South East Asian region.

The HMT Extenda Mk 2 was designed as, and remains, the most capable cross-country wheeled vehicle in its class. The unique suspension design along with the balanced arrangement of the vehicle, maximises the traction that is available from each wheel, providing high cross-country mobility.

Ease of operation, design flexibility and versatility also opens up the potential for the HMT Extenda Mk 2 for use in undertaking a range of roles within armies which may not have top tier fleet sustainment resources.

Running in parallel with the export push is an interest in promoting the other roles which the HMT Extenda Mk 2 can perform other than special operations missions.

“What the Australian Army now has in its inventory in the SOV-Commando is an incredibly versatile platform, and we need to get people to understand that so we can start thinking about applications for the vehicle outside special forces,” Mr Halloran said.

To illustrate this point, Supacat has mounted an Elbit Cardom 81mm mortar pack on the rear cargo bed of a 4×4 HMT Extenda Mk 2. This will be on display at the Land Forces 2018 defence exhibition in early September in Adelaide.

“If you think of the spectrum of capabilities,” Mr Halloran said, “we go from a platform with a mortar on the back through to the lightweight recovery vehicle at the top end, and everything else in between.”

The 6×6 version of the HMTExtenda Mk 2 are particularly well suited to undertake additional roles, with a 4m long rear cargo bed (extendable to 4.8m) and 3,474kg payload providing the potential to mount mission modules, weapon systems or transport cargo.

Examples of 6×6 protected cab and open design variants at the concept/prototype stage include a light recovery vehicle and a tractor with rear cargo bed.


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