Jackal 2 launch/Supacat Media Drive Day


On 21 April Supacat hosted a Media Drive Day at the MoD’s Long Valley cross-country test circuit near Aldershot.

Attended by over 60 members of the national and industry press, the event was a huge success. The day kicked off with the Minister for Defence Equipment and Support, Quentin Davies, announcing the award of a £74 million contract to Supacat (click here to read press release).

Following that, guests were given the opportunity to experience the capabilities of the Supacat products first hand both being driven around the track and also, having the opportunity to drive under supervision. Amongst others, the first Jackal 2 was available for all to see and drive offering a number of improvements over the already successful Jackal 1.

You can watch video and read an article about the Jackal 2 launch at the BBC news website.


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